Arizona@Work | Yuma County is now accepting Adult Mentors for the Youth Program. Please complete and return the following form if you are interested in becoming a mentor.

Adult Mentor for the Youth Program Application

Career Services

Our youth program assists with developing a career plan and with job preparation with services such as:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Alternative Secondary School Service
  • Comprehensive Skills Training
  • Follow-Up Services
  • Interview Techniques
  • Job Development
  • Job Skills Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Occupational Skills Training
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Resume Building
  • Support Services

Academic Services

We know that your education is the ticket to your future. Whether you’re working towards your high school diploma or GED, or already attending college, we are here to help.

  • Academic planning
  • After School Programs
  • Assistance with High School diploma or GED
  • College financing resources
  • Graduation planning
  • And lots more!

Youth Activities

  • Recreational Activities
  • Workshops
  • Computers are available for research and homework